About Me

Hello! Don't you just hate these 'All About Me' pages? I'll try not to bore you.

I'm Mia Epsilon. I'm a Writer. OMG I am a WRITER!!! Only a lifelong dream and ambition now realized.  I live here:

Okay, maybe not THERE. But I want to, so that should count for something. I actually live in the absolutely fabulous Blue Ridge Mountains. It doesn't get any prettier than this.

I'm married to:

Okay, not HIM exactly. But someone LIKE him: Sexy, Brainy, Gorgeous, Dark hair and knee weakening, thigh trembling causing Man who is my Soul Mate. Doesn't get any better than him, either.

I write books. And blog posts. And novellas. And short stories and anything else my characters tell me to write.  

I love coffee, chocolate and Doctor Who (could you tell already). I have been blessed with amazing friends, family and a Gold Team who keeps me uplifted, positive and moving on. Life is good. And it's only getting better.

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