Leave Your Hat On

Leave Your Hat On

Ailis is a research assistant leading a plain, ordinary life. She's past the age of dewy youth yet when her sister gets engaged she agrees to be Maid of Honor. She intends to plan a fancy tea as a final ladies' night. The Matron of Honor has other ideas and plans a night out at the local strip club. It's Alice in Wonderland theme night, so not only are the strippers taking off Wonderland costumes, the ladies are dressed the same. Could anything be worse?

Trying to leave the wild 'fun' behind, Ailis stumbles into a secluded room and meets a sexy stranger in a familiar tagged hat. It's not long before their flirty banter becomes downright suggestive which both decide to act upon. But when Mr. Hatter is called away and Ailis flees the club, is this the end of the story? Or will there be another surprise down the rabbit hole for Ailis?

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