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Honored to have the amazingly talented SHERI VELARDE back as a guest today with news and exciting blurbs on her new release LOST SOULS coming SOON.

First I want to give the lovely Mia a huge thanks for letting me stop by again! I promise to behave… well to behave as well as I can at least!

Today I thought that I would talk a little about the importance music plays in my writing process. I am a huge music lover (hello I just spent hours standing in line for Foo Fighters tickets) and music definitely plays a big part in my life and my writing. To me the type of music I listen to helps me set the mood for whatever story I am writing.

For Lost Souls, my main character is a fallen angel masquerading as a heavy metal maven here on earth, so it only made sense that I listened to a lot of female led heavy metal while writing this piece. Bands like Huntress, the Butcher Babies and Arch Enemy. All these bands embodied what I wanted Amy my heavy metal singing lady to be and I feel that the music helped Amy come into being. A minor character in the beginning of the story is even based off of metal legend Lemmy from Motorhead. To say that metal helped make this story come into being would be an understatement. And to me that is the power of music and writing when combined, one can serve to influence the other and that is why I love my music, metal or otherwise!


Amy is a fallen angel living life on earth as a rock star, embracing her bad behavior and becoming a heavy metal goddess. With the excesses of her new career she almost feels happy. Almost. However something her old friend Aphrodite once promised her is still missing, love.
Jade is a sweet and sexy woman, trying to make a place for herself in this lonely world. Lost in Los Angeles and just looking for a somewhere she belongs. As the holidays approach she only realizes how alone she truly is in the unforgiving city of Lost Souls.
One night these two meet seemingly out of the blue and sparks fly. It is as if something is drawing them towards each other. Now they both are learning what true happiness can feel like, if only some secrets don’t rip them apart before their love even has a chance to bloom.

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Suddenly she felt a warming sensation shooting through her body, something she had never felt before in her long life. She turned to see what had caused it, or she should say who. A beautiful woman with piercing green eyes and waist-length auburn hair stood in the doorway, casual jeans and black T-shirt hugging her body’s generous curves. She was the most alluring creature Amy had ever seen, and she was staring right at her with a look of intensity in her eyes, as if she had been searching for Amy all along and had finally found her. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before the connection was broken, the pale beauty shaking her head and heading towards an empty seat on the other end of the bar and returning Amy’s senses to her.

With the spell suddenly broken, Amy once again could hear Len finishing up his story as if nothing special had just happened. What the hell was that? Was the woman at the other end of the bar some sort of demon? She had to be magical and otherworldly to cause such a reaction. She certainly had otherworldly looks. Even though her hips and breasts were more ample than most angels and the like, she had the body of a goddess that begged to be touched. Amy shook her head. Len had finished, so she ordered them another round of drinks. As soon as her martini arrived she downed it and immediately signaled for another. If only alcohol affected her like it did most humans she would probably be calming down by now and not worrying about the mystery woman. Instead she still felt strange, like something had come alive inside her for the first time. She risked a glance at the red-headed siren down the way. The subtle temptress was sipping a beer, chatting with a bartender on that side of the bar. Suddenly she laughed and her whole face lit up, causing Amy to at once be jealous of the bartender and to want to be next to this woman and be the one making her laugh.

She must have been staring, for Len interrupted her inner turmoil. “She’s a looker, all right. A woman with curves too, not one of those too-skinny Hollywood types. They’re a rarity out here nowadays. If I were younger I might try to fight you for her.” He laughed. “Of course, if she picks you I would be out of the running anyways; you know, that pesky penis and all.”

It was Amy’s turn to laugh. “You know some women like both men and women.”

Len winked knowingly at her. “So I have been told. But I’ve never taken you to be the sharing sort of gal. Now get over there and let one of us live the fantasy tonight. After all, we are rock stars, go act like one!”

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