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This Review is my personal opinion. I was not paid for nor compensated in any way for this review.

First off, this is a MASSIVE huge book. I won the paperback version at a conference and couldn't believe how big it is. The paperback version is over 700 pages long! Most anthologies are short, short stories; these stories are almost 100 pages each and have fully developed story lines and characters.There are also NO cliffhanger endings or irritating 'this is a prequel you have to buy more' stories, either.  I love the concept: Each story is based on a song from Duran Duran, the wildly popular musical group  from the 80's and 90's and while each story has a song title and references the music or some of the lyrics, the reader isn't 'beaten over the head' with the theme.

There's a mix of stories and truly something here for ever reader. There's paranormal, contemporary, M/M, menage, every day heroes and heroines, and hysterically funny secondary characters. The sex scenes are steamy, steamy, steamy, but fit; there's no 'sex for sex sake', and each scene fits the plot. There's no historical but I would definitely put this in the 'romantic erotic' category.

A bit of a funny incident: I was reading this book while waiting for a flight at the airport, and the lady beside kept leaning closer and closer until she was all but hanging off my shoulder and telling me to 'read faster and turn the page'. I didn't get mad, though it was a bit disconcerting, but let her finish the story and then give my book back.

My personal favourites were 'Hungry like the Wolf' for it's OMG twist at the end and 'Rio' (which also happen to be my 2 favourite Duran Duran tunes) for its second chance at love theme. 'New Moon on Monday', 'Girls on Film' and 'Love Voodoo' also receive kudos for keeping me turning the pages quickly and leaving house chores undone because I couldn't put the book down! Which is probably why the name of the book, Come Undone, fits so well!

'Ordinary World' really tugs at your heartstrings. 'Before the Rain' gives a haunting view of what the world might someday be. 'Wild Boys' and 'Union of the Snake' aren't my genre (M/M) but still had well done plots.

If you are looking for short stories with a bit more 'meat' and substance to them, plus a bit of 80's memories, this is definitely the book for you. Even if you don't know (GASPS, how can you not know???) Duran Duran or their music, you will like these well plotted and written tales.


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