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  1. There's a '7 sentence' from page 7 or page 77 or chapter 7 going around Face Book. Here's my '7 sentence challenge'.

    It's from 'If You Want Me', seven lines from page 7:

    "I bet he won't be home ten seconds before you're yanking him to the garage to see it." Adam shifted a gear, frowned at the odd grinding sound as he drove down the two lane road toward the interstate, and concentrated on listening to his van's rhythms.

    "Ha. You'd lose. The first place I'm yanking Robin once he gets home is our bedroom."

    "Yeah, yeah, I know, you two have a great and wonderful sex life, yadda, yadda, yadda." Adam noticed the steering wheel seemed stiff right before the engine sputtered and died. "Damn."

    "What's wrong?" Anna clutched the dashboard as the van shuddered to a stop.

    "I'm not sure. Stay here." Adam tried to flip on the emergency flashers, muttered when they failed to come on, and waited for the lone car behind him to pass before he got out and raised the hood.


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