Monday, March 31, 2014

One Step Closer. . ..

So. . .2nd Round of Edits is done. It was not without drama, as few things in life are, as I completed the edits (including rewriting a paragraph where I used a word 8 times). I hit 'save' and my computer melted down. It was around 3AM, and I had been searching through many photos and I beat away at the keyboard for hours, so perhaps melt down is too harsh. It overloaded. It said OMG NO MORE. Or it just decided to see how crazy it could make me.

When I tried to open the saved document, it was a mess. Literally. All the edits and editor's comments and marks were gone. I frantically called my IT guru (whom I sleep with--naughty minds, the Hubby) and my editor. Both spent hours (seriously, hours) calming me down. They probably thought about sending the men with white coats, but knew I'd never open the door to anyone until my book was back. I ended up re downloading the original editor's version and re doing all the edits. But it's done and sent and YAY one step closer.

One step closer... I would die, every day, waiting for you, Darlin' don't be afraid, I will love you for a thousand years, love you for a thousand more...

*clears throat* Sorry, tangent. But since I saw a You tube of The Doctor & River and their scenes and story set to that song, that's all I can see or think of when I hear those words.

I digress: 2nd Round Edits done, check.  I also finished the Cover Art form, where I get to tell the artist all about my book and she/he creates a perfect cover. This, of course, means I got to play pinning things and searching stock photos ( which is why I was searching photos at 2AM) for the PERFECT representation of the book, the characters and elements in the story. To that end, I think I should post a few and let them all introduce themselves to you.

So, next few posts will be about things in WEDDING BELLE BLUES and its characters. I think, no, I know, you will fall for Robin. And Anna. And maybe Adam, who is somewhat patiently waiting for his turn at telling his own story.

First up: The setting. Welcome to The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. These rolling hills are ancient, among the oldest on earth. They have many, many, many stories to tell, from days of Cherokee warrior tribes to Scottish highlanders looking for a new home to illegal bootleggers making 'shine' to some of America's poorest and proudest people. The USA's largest ever privately built house is here, constructed by a man for his family 'summer getaway'. Movies galore have filmed here, from 'Private Eyes', 'Richie Rich', 'The Hunger Games' and two of my personal favorites, 'The Last of the Mohicans' and 'Dirty Dancing'. There's large towns but many more small ones, and communities that may be under the same name, but have 'pockets' that are vastly different. It's the Land of Four Seasons, where Earth Meets the Heavens and where Thomas Wolff's infamous statue in 'Look Homeward Angel' still stands in a little cemetery half a block from an elementary school. Poet Carl Sanburg's house and goats still thrive here and the best barbeque east of the Mississippi is sold at a little place called 'Harry's' where the decor is license plates from all over the state, country and world.

There's apple blossoms in the Spring, to show winter is finally gone and life is coming back. The air is sweet with honeysuckle and daffodils, with lavender and sour wood honey. In summer, there's just enough heat to wear shorts and cruise down 'Sliding Rock' into the icy waters to cool off without being melt-your-ice-cream-before-you-eat-it OMG it's too dang HOT. Fall brings the famous Labor Day Apple Fest and four solid days of everything and anything apple along with the most gorgeous autumn leave colors you will ever be blessed to see. The scents of bon fires and cider fill the cooling air. Winter brings some snow, not enough to be buried and bring curses, but enough to be pretty and let the school kids (and teachers) enjoy unexpected snow days.

It's a land of rich and poor, all ethnicity, ages, genders and styles. The Mountains are named: by the Natives: Weeping Woman, Big Bear, Sleeps All Day and by the Euro settlers: Sugarloaf, Pisgha, and Chimney Rock. The towns are -ville or -ton or Park. But to many of us, it's simply 'home'. As it is to Robin, Anna and many others in WEDDING BELLE BLUES.

Welcome to their world. :)

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