Friday, June 27, 2014

Wedding Belle Blues has RELEASED!

Yes, I have been slow to post this. But... WEDDING BELLE BLUES has RELEASED!

It's available HERE:



Or Here:

Here's some of the things being said:

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulously awesometastic book June 22, 2014
By ISLover
I thouroughly enjoyed this book. I found it witty, fun, and downright entertaining. This was a well written book that pulls you in from the first page and keeps you riveted til the end. 
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Quick, Summer Read June 25, 2014
By Nicole
Anna's engaged, which is great news to everyone except her best friend Robin, who has been pining for her for years. How will his attempts to sabotage effect his and Anna's friendship?

This was a quick read for me, but it was a fun one too. It reminded me of how horrible things could go in wedding planning. Oddly enough, right now I am helping plan a small destination wedding for my sister, so this book did hit home a bit. Luckily, my sister's future mother-in-law is nowhere near as crazy and domineering as Doug's mother is.

Mia Epsilon really did a great job with this novel. It was funny, quirky, and pulled at your heartstrings. There was plenty of romance, but the characters didn't just float through the story. I thought that the backstory of Anna and Robin was particularly great. The thought of a friend so great that they not only stayed with you all through college but actually got a teaching job at the same school, in the same hall as you? I wish Epsilon were writing my life story.

While it was a great book, I did have two small issues with Wedding Belle Blues. The first is that while the circumstances of Anna and Robin's meeting put a smile on my face, it's a bit hard to believe. The other problem I had is that the book was entirely too short. I would have loved it more if there were more to the story, more drama leading up to a bigger climax (though Epsilon definitely nailed the climax).

This was a great book, it really was. I enjoyed reading it and simply wished there had been more to read. I recommend this to anyone who likes "chick lit" or anyone looking for a quick summer read. I am excited to see what else Mia Epsilon has to offer, because I definitely enjoyed this one. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book in order for me to provide you, my lovely readers, with my 100% honest views and opinions. 
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!! 23 Jun 2014
By Heidi
Verified Purchase
This book is a must for any true romantic at heart, I couldn't put it down, and the characters all pulled me into the story as if i was there with them! Got to love Robin, wasn't what i expected when i started reading. Can't wait for the next book from this talented Author 
So, if you have some time, visit with Anna and Robin and discover what 'Wedding Belle Blues' means :)

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