Thursday, April 3, 2014

Campus Life

In continuing to introduce you to Robin and Anna's world, come explore their Alma Mater.

Appalachian State University
Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Appalachian State University offers a challenging academic environment, energetic campus life and breathtaking location. Appalachian combines the best attributes of a small liberal arts college with those of a large research university. Known for its value and affordability, Appalachian enrolls about 17,000 students and offers more than 150 undergraduate and graduate majors. Small classes and close interactions between faculty and students create a strong sense of community, which has become an Appalachian hallmark. Appalachian, located in Boone, N.C., is one of 16 universities in the University of North Carolina System.


  • More than 100,000 living alumni from all 50 states and several foreign countries.

Buildings & Campus

  • 1,732 acres, including a 400-acre main campus
  • 19 academic buildings
  • 210,000-square-foot library
  • 1 off-campus center in New York City
  • 20 residence halls, housing about 5,500 students on campus
  • 3 main dining facilities
  • 11 recreational and athletic facilities
  • Now, the above is the technical stuff about ASU. There's so much more to ASU, or Apps, as it's affectionately known.  It's set on rolling hills, gets enough snow to have sledding and snowball fights on the Quad and long afternoons under the shade of the trees. It's small enough to be 'homey' yet known on an international level.

    It's also in the middle of Boone, NC (yes, named for Daniel Boone, the legendary American folk hero). Boone is NOT your typical 'college town' nor is Apps a 'party college' as rumored by its sister uni UNC Chapel Hill (known for basketball and the college that launched Micheal Jordan's career before the Chicago Bulls). Main Street Boone is awash in Apps black and gold, banners and signs, little shops and restaurants, and loads of ads for organic ways of life. 'Going Green' is a huge thing in Boone, as are the tourists who flock for the excellent skiing and snow boarding.

    Visit there and go to McAdoos. It's a must. Homemade cinnamin buns the size of dinner plates and sandwiches you must cut in quarters to eat because they are so stuffed. You can watch the games here, have lunch or dinner, order out or stay in. Robin and Anna ate many meals here, sharing sandwiches and laughter as Robin helped Anna struggle through Stats class.

    Robin attended ASU on a full ride basketball scholarship and majored, like Anna, in Elementary Education. He also gave up a promising athletic career to focus on becoming a teacher. Doug attended for reasons all his own. Kassie paid for tuition in a somewhat unconventional way. Anna became a favorite among her cohort, known for her generous spirit and sense of humor. But Robin... ah, Robin. What college girl can resist a gorgeous man on a motorcycle? Especially one with soulful blue eyes and a devastating smile.

    Robin and Anna met here in a dorm room and became best friends.  There were picnics under the trees, study sessions and late night raids for pizza and cookies. There were classes, professors, assignments, projects, internships and exams, frustration, cheers and memories that won't ever go away. There was a surprise birthday party with a rescued cake, a planning of the graduation ceremony prank and a delivery of a single hibiscus flower to a certain lady in a certain dorm room. And the beginning of a Love to last for a lifetime.

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