Thursday, April 17, 2014

Student Mentoring

In a continuation of Anna and Robin's World...

While Anna and Robin are now, after graduation and passing the PRAXIS exams (the tests students take to be licensed teachers), full fledged elementary school teachers, to achieve their degrees they had to 'give back' to the university by performing community service hours. Robin choose to fulfill these hours by tutoring other students, particularly athletes.

Robin attended the first two years of college on a full athletic scholarship yet left the team to focus on his studies for his junior and senior years. He entered into the Student Mentoring Student Program and began to help struggling athletes with their classes and grades.

One of my favorite sayings is below, and it's as true for children, as it is for anyone who wants to learn:

Robin takes this to heart. He doesn't 'tell' his students what to do or see, he 'shows' them.

Teachers are a beautiful, unique group of people. They don't do what they do for the money; there's no getting rich in the teaching profession. But there IS wealth beyond money or things, in the glow of a student who finally 'gets it' after numerous ties. It's a calling as sure as any writer has to write, or actor has to act, or minister has to preach. If you are reading this blog, thank a teacher. He/she is the reason you can read :)

And below, just because it's beautiful and fun is a photo for you to enjoy. Until next post :)

Beautiful book fountain ...
at the Cincinnati public library
by Jean-Fran├žois Schmitz photography

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