Monday, April 28, 2014


 (Robin speaking)

Women are strange. We all know this, especially if you happen to be a man. Take yesterday, for instance. It's a gorgeous afternoon, perfect bike weather and what is my woman doing? Sitting all curled up crying over some cover reveal thing for our story. Yes, it's a beautiful photo and I look, well, in a word, HOT. My bike looks great, too, and Anna got her favorite Tardis blue color, even if her hair is all put up and I prefer it free and loose. We look amazing.

So why the hell is she crying???

I mean, God, I can take anything but her tears and she knows it. Reduces me to mush every time her brown eyes get even a little damp. And she cries when she's mad, when she's happy, when she's sad, when something touches her, when something pisses her off. How the heck is a man supposed to keep it all straight? Do I try to hold her or back off and pray?

Women are strange.

Adam sent me this post on Face Book that says it all:

If a woman is upset, try to hold her. If she growls at you, back off and throw chocolate until she calms down.

I'm going for a ride. At least I understand my bike.

(We received a sneak peek of the cover of Wedding Belle Blues. And we LOVE it!)

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