Saturday, September 20, 2014


A HUGE THANK YOU to Joren...I mean ALL of Decadent Kane's amazing and wonderful elves! I had a blast this week with Joren... I mean EVERYONE, Pepper, Ribbon, Clover, Cayenne, Rue and all the Joren... MEN as well. Come back anytime. You're always welcome.

Don't forget: Get ALL 5 Elf Stories in one print version:

Elven Obsession:

Or EACH individual story in e book form from here:

Ribbon Of Darkness:
ON SPECIAL THIS WEEK 9/19 -9/25 for .97!!!!!!!!

Tempting Clover:
ON SPECIAL THIS WEEK 9/19 - 9/25 for .97!!!!!!

Steele Your Soul (JOREN!!):

A Hint of Cayenne:

A Whisper of Rue:

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