Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Oh, lord, have sweet mercy...*gulps* Captain Joren is here. Pirate. Captain. Have mercy. It's HOT in here...

Ladies, ladies, hold your applause. Meet the leading pirate in book # 3. Elves and Pirates- no way- but oh yes...

Joren Steele steps out from the shadows.
"Miss Mia, much obliged to the use of yer blog, love." Runs a finger along Mia's chin.
-Looks out to everyone else-
"No wooden legs here. L'il ol me to warm you today. Me ship may be out of commission at the moment but I promise other areas working order." Wiggles eyebrows at Mia.
"Without further plunderin' of Miss Mia's..." Leans in to Mia, a breath away from her lips. "Blog. Go find out what happens when a drow steals the soul of someone I love."

When Pepper set out for the day, the last thing she expected was to come face to face with a pirate. But when she locks eyes with the Captain, she's ready to let him pillage or plunder whatever he wants. At least until his drow shipmate decided to steal her for himself.
Captain Joren Steele has a love for his ship, money, and females, usually in that order. When Pepper steps into his life, he's certain his love 'em and leave 'em status will remain intact. But when he discovers she's a victim of the drow, he has to make a choice: his ship or the elfess.
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