Friday, September 19, 2014

ELF WEEK is Wrapping Up :(

I'm keeping these elves here, i think...especially certain ones...the women are strong, fun, and true Heroines. Yep, we're going to have loads of elfing fun around here....

But up next...

As the fifth book in the series, Rue has quite a bit riding on her, not to mention the life of an innocent elf. A little magic goes a long way... and don't you know bad guys are not the ones to be attracted to...silly elfess, bad guys are made to be broken.

After Rue walks into her home, there's a magical earpiece and a mysterious letter waiting for her. On the other end of that earpiece is a tortured soul, whose life is on the line if she doesn't do exactly as Gage Evans, the voice in the earpiece, says. Pissed that the male elf has her at his bidding because she can't just let someone die, she follows his instructions. They not only lead her to the tortured elf, but the killer of her father as well.
When she lets loose a powerful magic and is thrown in a dungeon with Mr. Evans, she'll have to keep control of her senses to figure her way out of a place with no doors, or windows, and damnit why wasn't she born with the elven gift of blinking magically away?
Find it in e-book form: Coming Sept. 26th 2014!

Want it now in a print copy? Buy the print edition with this as an early release featuring all 5 books in one.

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  1. Mia- My elves and I had so much fun for elf week! Thanks for having us.


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